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On Wolfgang Rihm and getting unblocked

A couple of years ago I was going off my nut with work stress and young children pressure so managed to get out to the Barbican on a wet Saturday. The only thing that was on was a documentary about … Continue reading

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On getting published

Publish and be damned, isn’t that what they say? I have grown up with something a bit more stupid than respect of the printed word: more akin to awe. Books are magic, aren’t they? I wasn’t allowed to manhandle them … Continue reading

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On making art

I just came across this from Jan Svankmajer’s Decalogue, which is a kind of manifesto where he sets out a few key thoughts about making his art.  I had just been looking at Simic’s poems, which are similarly surreal (capital s) … Continue reading

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On Lotte Reineger

Apparently it took Lotte Reineger three years to make The Adventures of Prince Achmed, and after she would only work on shorter films. Watching, I kept drifting in and out of the narrative: she must have been dreaming the expressionistic … Continue reading

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