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On How the Devil Poetry Endures

In an interview with poet Mark Wunderlich published in the Cortland Review, Doty was asked why he thought poetry endured as an art form. He answered: “My guess is that somehow poetry is a vessel for the expression of subjectivity … Continue reading

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On Me, My, I and You in poems

I-s abound in my writing. Studying at University, there were a bunch of us who all felt the need to somehow empty our work of I-s. Perhaps this came from a feeling of being encumbered by ourselves, our personalities getting … Continue reading

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On putting yourself out there

God, it can feel awful. It can feel wrong – I’m still not 100% convinced it’s not – putting yourself out there, as a (I hesitate to call myself this) poet. I have worked very hard for a long period … Continue reading

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On Wolfgang Rihm and getting unblocked

A couple of years ago I was going off my nut with work stress and young children pressure so managed to get out to the Barbican on a wet Saturday. The only thing that was on was a documentary about … Continue reading

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