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On Other Poets

Philip Guston left NY for the ‘burbs because he just couldn’t take the networking. My friends are friends first, and if they happen to be artists, then so be it. But it is important you don’t get these things confused. … Continue reading

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On Teaching Creative Writing: Part 2

We listened so carefully to what they gave us when they saw a ship, a lock, a mess of paint. When one boy mumbled what sounded like “war” we rounded on the possibility; a bit like hungry predators, a bit … Continue reading

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On Bertolt Brecht

A few years back I picked up a copy of the Faber book of 20th Century German Poets, ed. M. Hoffman. There’s always been something about the German writers that has got me going. You should read Boll (can’t find … Continue reading

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On trying to get better at writing poems

What I used to do was read poems with the sense that they would contain a right way to write. I still do this, but know it is wrong. I still do it. Sometimes I will read just the first … Continue reading

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In Cars

In cars, I’m him. I make the shapes he makes – one-handing the steering wheel as if grasping some mane, I cup the gear stick bulb like it’s a brandy bowl and coast to junctions clutch disengaged scared as sharks … Continue reading

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