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On How One’s Friends Reflect You

I’ve been reading Milosz’s Roadside Dog on the tube/on the bus/train, and realising this man is my friend. This is the reason for books: they hold the best parts (hopefully) of those minds you may never meet. Milosz’s writing does … Continue reading

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On Teaching Creative Writing: Part 2

We listened so carefully to what they gave us when they saw a ship, a lock, a mess of paint. When one boy mumbled what sounded like “war” we rounded on the possibility; a bit like hungry predators, a bit … Continue reading

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On poet or author?

There is a distinct difference, isn’t there. Can’t you be an author of poems. In which case, couldn’t you be called author? for writing a poem? Perhaps some kind of trades description caveat fires up its engines here. Imagine the … Continue reading

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