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On Other Poets

Philip Guston left NY for the ‘burbs because he just couldn’t take the networking. My friends are friends first, and if they happen to be artists, then so be it. But it is important you don’t get these things confused. … Continue reading

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On How One’s Friends Reflect You

I’ve been reading Milosz’s Roadside Dog on the tube/on the bus/train, and realising this man is my friend. This is the reason for books: they hold the best parts (hopefully) of those minds you may never meet. Milosz’s writing does … Continue reading

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On Me, My, I and You in poems

I-s abound in my writing. Studying at University, there were a bunch of us who all felt the need to somehow empty our work of I-s. Perhaps this came from a feeling of being encumbered by ourselves, our personalities getting … Continue reading

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On artificiality and authenticity.

Get this. Brecht says, ‘It is not easy to learn from folk songs. Modern pseudo-folk songs offer many discouraging examples, to start with because of their artificial simplicity. Where the folk song uses simple means to say something complicated, its … Continue reading

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On the manuscript.

So I signed the contract. Now I’m going through my manuscript to send to Seren by the beginning of September – as outlined in the contract! Suddenly there’s a very real other party involved in my writing. A bit like … Continue reading

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